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Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise

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Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise
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Passions of Paradise Reef Boat from Cairns

Important note: During this period of global travel restrictions, we will be doing our bit to help slow the spread, and will not be taking new bookings for activities and attractions. We will review this in line with developments released by the relevant authorities and update booking availability accordingly so that you can make travel plans for a later time. For any urgent matters, please contact us for the most efficient response. Thank you.

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Service rating:

The best trip to the reef! Made it easy for me since it was my only 2nd time snorkeling. Had a personal guide swimming along tugging me whole hanging on to a life saver float. Also a percentage of every snack and drink goes to helping the reef amd conservation!

Product rating:

Easy to purchase and the whole experience was great!

Reviewed 12-May-2019

Service rating:


Product rating:

Great trip. Crew members were friendly and experienced people.

Reviewed 28-Nov-2018

Service rating:

Well organised, good ship, friendly service, good food and great snorkelling!

Product rating:

Reviewed 02-Nov-2018

Service rating:

Equipe très dynamique et intéractive. Ce contact nous a permis de bien organiser notre séjour à Cairns et de profiter au maximum des quelques jours passés dans cette magnifique région. Conseils judicieux sur le bateau à choisir (Passion of Paradise).

Product rating:

What a marvellous day, unforgettable! And the crew is amazingly nice and dedicated, Alex, Simon and others... That was the first dive for our daughter and it went so smoothly (thanks to Alex!) that we did it again in the afternoon! Fantastic! nd if you have the good idea to go on a Monday, the crew meets at a pub in the evening, thus extending the conviviality. The boat is great and confortable. My husband who is usually sea sick behaved quite nicely!

Reviewed 14-Jul-2016

Service rating:

Great communication very efficient

Product rating:

We did Poseidon the team on the boat were fantastic, very professional, informative and passionate about the Reef... A Wonderful day!!!

Reviewed 29-Dec-2015

Service rating:

Very simple to use and loved the discount for booking multiple tours.

Product rating:

Beautiful day spent on the water. Great staff.

Reviewed 13-Sep-2015

Service rating:

Easy to book, quick response.

Product rating:

Nice crew members!

Reviewed 15-Apr-2015

Service rating:

Wide range of choice

Product rating:

Fantastic experience and great crew

Reviewed 21-Sep-2014

Service rating:

Friendly crew, good food

Product rating:

good boat,clean toilets,

Reviewed 19-Oct-2013

Service rating:


Product rating:

Great time, fantastic people, beautiful scenery.

Reviewed 22-Jun-2013

Service rating:

was easy and simple

Product rating:

very good, helpful staff and well organised. pity about lots of kids on board being noisy when advertised as luxury cruising

Reviewed 15-Mar-2013

Reply from Customer

no worries

Posted 15-Mar-2013

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear that you had a rather noisy and not so relaxing experience on board Passions of Paradise. It appears that unfortunately you booked on a day when lots of kids were also booked on as it is not common for Passions of Paradise to have lots of kids on board. I will pass your comments onto management. Thanks again for taking the time to comment and I'm sorry that your experience this time was not what you'd hoped it would be.

Callum Goodall
Everything Travel Group

Posted 18-Mar-2013

Everything Travel Group Review

Snorkelling or scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef is one of those things that you simply have to do at least once in your life. Passions offer one of the best value for money day trips available with friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and 2 great dive locations. Michelmas Cay is the perfect location for first dive of the day allowing nervous or first time snorkellers the safety and comfort of entering the water from the sandy beach (cay).

Suggestions: If you aren't a certified diver then you have to try the intro diving. It will be the best money you ever spend!

  Value for Money

  Wow Factor

  Fun Factor

Reviewed 13 Feb 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Callum)

Latest Questions about Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise

hi i was wondering if you need to be certified to do scuba diving


If you are not certified you do have the option to do the intro dive for the Passions of paradise trip. 

Introductory Diving is enjoyable, safe and absolutely essential for all visitors to the reef. Passions of Paradise has over 18 years of introductory scuba diving teaching experience and, with a perfect safety record, will ensure you’re safe at all times. An Australian International Dive Training institute (SSI) has lauded Passions of Paradise for being the best diving operators in Australia. All students will dive off the rear of the boat, entering a gorgeous lagoon filled with beautiful coral, teeming with marine life and blessed with tranquil, shallow water that’s perfect for beginning divers.  

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Elise ) on 18th Feb 20 at 16:01

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Is it refundable if my schedule changes?

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Are the flippers and stinger protection suits included in the price? Please advise


Heya, All the snorkeling gear is included on the reef boat day trip, however the stinger suits are only included in the price in stinger season which is Nov - April. Outside of stinger season you can still purchase them on board the reef boat for $8.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Cairns on 26th Nov 18 at 16:49

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My wife, 2 year old son and myself are visiting Cairns in early oktober 2017. We are looking for an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef but i do have 2 questions. Do you ever have small kids on this excursion and if you do, how did that go? Also my wife does get seasick sometimes, what are your experiences with people who get seasick on the catamaran?

Best regards,

Stefan (The Netherlands)


Young children are certainly welcome on board the Passions of Paradise boat from Cairns, and there have actually been babies as young as 8 months old on board. The important thing to note is that obviously one of you have to be with your son at all times, so what couples normally do is take turns snorkelling or diving while the other parent takes care of the young child. Children under 3 years of age travel for free.

In regards to sea sickness, I would advise your wife to buy some sea sickness medication from one of the local pharmacies in Cairns. I also get sea sickness and have found the medication works really well for preventing this as long as you take it at least an hour or so before getting on board the boat. I have found that natural remedies like ginger do NOT help at all. The catamarans don't usually rock around as much and are more stable in the water than single hulled boats so Passions would be a good option for her.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Apr 17 at 13:19

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My husband and I are traveling to Cairns in mid March and wonder if there is danger of deadly jelly fish when snorkling or diving the reef? Thank you


Whilst there are some blue bottle jelly fish out at the reef during the rainy season which can sting like a bee, the deadly box jellyfish, are coastal dwellers and are never seen on the reef. They breed in the estuaries and live their life on the shoreline, therefore do not pose a threat to divers on the reef. The jellyfish season is from November to April.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 23rd Oct 16 at 13:52

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We will be in Cairns between 9th Oct to 14th Oct is it necessary to book in advance for 6 people or can we book when we arrive.


It's always a good idea to book your Cairns reef trip early, especially if there are 6 of you, as many of the reef boats including Passions of Paradise often book up in advance.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 29th Aug 16 at 13:09

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Can you choose only to go to the Paradise reef. My wife and I are advanced snorkelers and don't want protected shallows. I wouldn't want to book for Paradise reef and end up at Michaelmas which seems to be more suited to novices. My parents were on the barrier reef and went to that large platform and were not very impressed with how crowded it was.


The Passions of Paradise reef boat goes to both Michelmas Cay and Paradise Reef. It is not possible for you to just go to one reef. Both locations offer something a little different but both are suitable for snorkellers and neither has a platform so there is no overcrowding.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 7th Jun 15 at 22:27

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Hi is there any way when doing the introductory dive, pictures can be taken by staff members? I would like to show my family and send them a picture on facebook!


Hi Naomi. Yes there is actually a professional photographer on board the Passions of Paradise reef boat who can take pictures of you underwater. These can be purchased on board the boat on the way back to Cairns. What date were you thinking of booking your introductory diving on Passions of Paradise?

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (callum) on 29th Jun 13 at 10:29

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If I purchase the cruise and introductory dive option, is the snorkel included in that place?


Hi Mitch. Yes that's right, the snorkelling is included in the price if you book the Intro Diving on the Passions of Paradise reef boat day trip.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (callum) on 2nd Jun 13 at 18:34

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We are 3 certified divers interested in a snorkel and dive trip on Monday March 18 What would be the cost for the cruise and one dive We would need all equipment including wetsuits tanks weights etc Thanks Jl Compton


Hi JL, on the Passions of Paradise trip the cost for the cruise and 1 dive, including all your gear, is $209 for certified divers. You would need to bring your diving certification with you on the day. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 9th Jan 13 at 13:51

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I'm shortsighted (-3.5 and -3.75) and i was wondering if you've got prescription masks (-3.5 for both eyes would be good enough). If you don't have them it's not a big deal, i'll take contact lenses with me :-D
I'm travelling with my van, so while tripping in your boat i have to leave it somewhere. Do you know any cheap and safe parking area please?
Is it possible to have 3 dives during the trip? I'm a beginner diver (only 8 dives).
the total cost would be 284$ (139+10+135)?


Hi Michele. If you book scuba diving on board Passions of Paradise reef boat in Cairns then there are prescription masks available for you on the boat but you can also take your contacts just in case the prescription isn't right for you. There is a large secure car park right next to the reef fleet terminal can Cairns marina where the boats depart from. The cost for you to go diving will be $209 which gives you 1 dive. If you want to do more dives then you just pay an extra $45 per dive on board the boat. There is usually only time for 2 dives

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 21st Nov 12 at 15:54

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Hi! for the 10min free scuba demo, does that mean we will get to scuba dive for 10min? And if we get the package cruise and 1 intro dive, can we snorkel aft the dive? (if yes do we need to pay and how much)
Hope to hear from you soon have a gd day!


Hi Cindy,

Yes you will get around 10 minutes in the water with all your scuba equipment on this Passions of Paradise Boat. During this 10 minutes you will be 1m below the water practicing your scuba skills and then if you want to get out after 10 minutes you can with no cost, however if you want to continue and do a full into dive, you simply pay when you get out of the water. You can make the decision to do this when on the boat and you can snorkel after the dive as well.

This is a great boat and with great crew.



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 12th Aug 12 at 14:27

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Hi - How many passengers does the sailboat
carry? We are planning a trip to Cairns in August
can we book then?


Hi Angela, Passions of Paradise is licensed to carry 80 passengers. You certainly can book for August. To make your booking just click on the following link Passions of Paradise.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 6th Jul 12 at 11:29

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HI.. I would like to know more about the try before you buy intro dive. Does this mean I can book and pay for a snorkling trip for myself and my partner and then try an intro dive and then if we would like to keep diving then we pay for a dive on board?? I not sure if I will cope, but would like to give a go.. thanks


Hi Michelle. Yes that's correct. If you book the Introductory diving with the Passions of Paradise reef boat in Cairns then you get to try it out for 5 minutes or so with an instructor in shallow water to see if you are ok with breathing throught he snorkel gear under water. If you are comfortable then you continue with your intro diving session however if you are not feeling comfortable and don't wish to go any further then you can stop there and receive a refund for the diving.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 5th Apr 12 at 08:38

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I understand Passions have 3 reefs to choose from each day. How do they decide which ones they go to? Are they exclusive?


Hi Brett. Passions of Paradise reef boat visits Michelmas Cay and Paradise Reef every day (weather permitting). Only 3 reef companies are permitted to visit Michelmas Cay and Passions is the only company allowed to visit Paradise Reef which means it is 100% exclusive to Passions customers and ensures no crowds and pristine coral conditions.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 29th Feb 12 at 11:44

Would we need to wear a wetsuit in January/February, if so, do you provide them?

Comment by: Pauline Hammond on 30th May 17 at 10:13

The water is very warm in Cairns all year, and especially during summer (Dec-Feb) so there is no need at all to wear a wetsuit. However, during summer there are often jelly fish that can sting (much like a bee) out at the outer reef so stinger suits are available to all snorkellers and divers. These are a thin material that prevents the jellyfish tentacles from stinging that part of your skin but they don't provide extra warmth.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 30th May 17 at 13:14

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