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My wife, 2 year old son and myself are visiting Cairns in early oktober 2017. We are looking for an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef but i do have 2 questions. Do you ever have small kids on this excursion and if you do, how did that go? Also my wife does get seasick sometimes, what are your experiences with people who get seasick on the catamaran?

Best regards,

Stefan (The Netherlands)


Young children are certainly welcome on board the Passions of Paradise boat from Cairns, and there have actually been babies as young as 8 months old on board. The important thing to note is that obviously one of you have to be with your son at all times, so what couples normally do is take turns snorkelling or diving while the other parent takes care of the young child. Children under 3 years of age travel for free.

In regards to sea sickness, I would advise your wife to buy some sea sickness medication from one of the local pharmacies in Cairns. I also get sea sickness and have found the medication works really well for preventing this as long as you take it at least an hour or so before getting on board the boat. I have found that natural remedies like ginger do NOT help at all. The catamarans don't usually rock around as much and are more stable in the water than single hulled boats so Passions would be a good option for her.

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Posted by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 17th Apr 17 at 13:19 - 1 comment

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