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Cairns Skydiving


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Cairns is the best place to skydive in Australia!
While the beaches, oceans and rainforests of Cairns get plenty of attention, there’s just as much action up above in the sky, and it comes without the crowds! Whether you choose to skydive over Cairns or Mission Beach, the clear skies, crisp air and warm sunlight of Queensland guarantee an experience that’s as spectacular as it is thrilling. If you’re going to take the leap, make sure you do it in Cairns first. Skydiving in Cairns is truly amazing and no other adventure activity is close to being so picturesque.

The perfect combination of adrenaline and scenery: Imagine freefalling at 200kmh while skydiving over Cairns and enjoying the stunning array of beautiful beaches with white sandy shorelines and lush, green rainforest. If you’re going to take the plunge, what better way? These surroundings are second to none and with Cairns being perfectly warm all year through, you won’t need to wrap for arctic conditions- the breeze will be welcome. Tandem skydiving over Cairns from a plane should be an unforgettable experience and surrounded by this beautiful atmosphere, soaring over the magical Great Barrier Reef, it’s a guarantee.

If you’re tight for time, fear not. Skydiving is not the activity to drop! Try one of our Cairns Combos. For all those thrillseekers out there, skydiving paired with a bungy and/or rafting is pretty badass. If you don’t want to miss out on sightseeing, why not spend a few days throwing yourself out of planes, battling white water rafting rapids, jumping off 50m rainforest bungy towers and then sunning yourself on the most famous coral reef in the world.

Cairns is the ultimate destination for sightseeing and adrenaline so you would be crazy to miss the perfect combination of both...a skydive!

What is the maximum weight for tandem skydiving in Cairns?
The absolute maximum weight is 125kg, but a surcharge is applicable for those over 95kg.

What is the minimum age for tandem skydiving in Cairns? 
The minimum age for a tandem skydive in Cairns is 12 years old.

What do I need to wear for a skydive from Cairns?
We would recommend wearing comfortable and casual clothes for your skydive, as you will be given a jumpsuit to go over the top. Just make sure you are wearing enclosed footwear so your sandals don’t go solo jumping!

Am I able to bring my GoPro skydiving in Cairns?
Sadly you aren’t able to bring a GoPro or anything with you for that matter with Skydive Cairns unless you have a skydiving license. Your tandem instructor will get some great footage of you though and this is available for purchase from the jump site on the day.

What time of day is best to skydive in Cairns?
In Cairns, the wind tends to pick up in the afternoon so we would always suggest a morning skydive as there is less chance of it being cancelled. Also where possible, book your skydive at the start of your holiday so there is still time to reschedule if the wind is high that day.


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