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Skydiving - Skydive Cairns

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Skydiving - Skydive Cairns
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Skydiving with Skydive Cairns

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Service rating:

Website was easy to use, could have been more descriptive ie if you could take a spectator and what clothing was most suitable.

Product rating:

I booked skydive over the reef which wasn't a true description of the dive. The skydive however was amazing, an experience I won't ever forget. I would be happy to book with this company again in the future.

Reviewed 26-Dec-2013

Service rating:

I just still not yet got my refund of the cancelled skydiving tour.

Product rating:

Originally my pick up time should be 9:30. Then, it delayed to 11:30, then 11:45, then 12:30. As what the staff of Skydive Cairns told me, due to miscommunication, the driver didn't come to pick me up. She also told me I had to wait until 2pm to confirm my tour because it's too windy to skydive at that time. I waited until 2 and no surprise, my tour was cancelled.

I just kept waiting for the whole morning, wasting time but did nothing. Things were screwed up and out of plan. No one called me to tell me the cancellation of the tour but only a simple text message was sent to me. I felt bad about all of these.

Reviewed 29-May-2013

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Hi Ting. Sorry to hear your skydive was eventually cancelled and that you had to wait around all day. That must have been very frustrating for you. Your refund was processed immediately on the day your skydive was cancelled. This may take up to 5 days to appear in your bank account. Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback and we will be sure to pass your comments in regards to the poor communication on to the team at the Australia Skydive Company.

Callum Goodall
Everything Travel Group

Posted 30-May-2013

Everything Travel Group Review

I was really impressed with Skydive Cairns service and quality. From check in all the way through all their staff were happy and having fun. The jump itself was breathtaking and certainly the most extreme way to see Cairns. My instructor kept me calm throughout and then after he had pulled the shoot guided us down talking in my ear like a mid air tour guide and pointing out points of reference. I really enjoyed my jump with these guys and would definitely recommend first time jumpers or people that have jumped before let the team from Skydive Cairns push you out of an aircraft!

Suggestions: Go as high as possible. 14,000ft gives you more freefall and doesn't cost much more.

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Reviewed 8 Mar 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Nigel)

Latest Questions about Skydiving - Skydive Cairns

Are 13 years old allowed to skydive?
Height is 5'2"".
Weight 45kg


The minimum age is 12 years, so 13 year olds can absolutely Skydive!

Comment by: Shelley- Everything Travel Group on 5th Mar 19 at 08:11

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Yo Yo am i able to bring my gopro with me if its strapped to me?


Hey Zac, unfortunately you can't take anything with you during a skydive unless you have a skydiving licence, but with any luck your tandem instructor will capture some great footage of you

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 22nd Sep 17 at 13:59

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Do you pick up from the port for those coming in on cruise ships?


Yes there is a pick up point for the tandem skydiving in Cairns from very close to the Cairns port for those arriving on cruise ships.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 16th Oct 16 at 13:38

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I am looking forward to skydive. I want to know if in the price 299$ the pictures or video are included? Or I have to pay an extra? How much is it?
I am looking forward to your answer.


The cost for the skydiving in Cairns is currently $299. $264 is payable when you book and $35 skydive levy payable on the day when you skydive. The photos and video cost extra and can be arranged on the day. Handycam photos cost $104, DVD costs $135 or photos & DVD costs $160.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 24th May 16 at 13:41

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I would like to find out if you have an afternoon session for skydiving? My friends and I are flying in from Sydney and will touchdown at 10.15 am on 15 July 2014. If you have an afternoon slot, say at 2pm, it would be great.


Hi Su Sun Oon. Yes, there are afternoon Cairns skydive departures however these are only confirmed once the morning time slots are full. If would like to in the afternoon then you can book via our website for the morning and then please mention in the 'additional information' field in the booking page that you want to go at 12.30pm instead. We will then book you on for the afternoon time slot instead. You will need to call to confirm the day before to reconfirm. If your skydive does not go ahead in the afternoon then you have the option of rescheduling to another day or receiving a full refund.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 22nd Jun 14 at 12:32

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One of our group of 3 wants to Skydive, we are happy to make our own way to the airport - where should us 2 spectators watch from to get best view of our Skydiver coming down??


Hi Fiona. Yes, you can all make your own way out to the skydive shop at the Cairns airport where you will be able to watch the pre skydive briefing and then go out to the drop zone where your friend who is skydiving will land. There is no cost to spectate the tandem skydiving in Cairns. When you book the skydive online just mention in the 'additional information' field that there are 2 spectators that wish to watch and you are going to all make your own way to the airport. We will then email your booking confirmation straight back with all the necessary details and information.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 25th May 14 at 14:46

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I would like to book a skydiving for myself in mid January 2014, but I wonder how can I settle my wife and child, who won't join the skydiving. Can they go with us? Any transportation provides for them to go to the venue of skydiving with me? Can they be observers? Any charge?


Hi Alfred, spectators are able to go on the bus free of charge as long as there is space in the bus and it is not full of skydivers. Spectators can only book on the night before the Skydive when you call to reconfirm your booking and for a weather check. They cannot be pre-booked prior to this. If there is space then they will be booked on the bus with you.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 23rd Dec 13 at 14:38

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Hi just wondering if I were to book, would I be able to be picked up from the pacific sands apartments in holloways beach?


Hi Teagan

Yes Skydive Cairns are able to pick you up from the Pacific Sands Apartments on Holloways Beach. The pick up is at approximately 6.30am.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Kris) on 5th Oct 13 at 15:06

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Hi, i was just wondering if you are running the 14,000 ft skydiving at 7.30am on australia day as well or are you guys not open then??

I was also wondering if you are open on the 26th of January if i was able book it for me and a friend so we can jump together but pay seperately??

Thanks, Britney


Hi Britney, yes Skydive Cairns will be open on Australia day. If you are wanting to pay separately just book separately and make sure you do it for the same day and time and note in the "additional information" field that you are travelling together and we will make sure we book you on together. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 14th Jan 13 at 12:29

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Is insurance included in these packages?


Hi Georgia,

There is a $35 APF compulsory levy (Australian Parachute Federation) payable on the day. If you require personal insurance cover you would need to arrange a personal policy through an insurance company.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 1st Jan 13 at 08:20

Hi, My son is visiting Aus next week and wants to do a Parachute jump, unfortunately he has epilepsy. Is it possible he could do a jump and will the insurance cover him.

Comment by: Anthony Tanner on 27th Sep 18 at 21:44

Heya, People have jumped with epilepsy before but he must have a doctors note with him saying that he is approved to skydive. As they cannot make the decision for you it needs to be made by a doctor/ your son.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Cairns on 28th Sep 18 at 15:35

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looking to tandam skydive Jan 9th 2013. 4 of us but Alison is 102kg .Is she allowed to jump,its her 50th birthday


Hi Andrew, everyone who is over 100kg is assessed on the day of their jump at Skydive Cairns by the jump masters and a decision is made then as to whether or not conditions permit jumping. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 20th Dec 12 at 17:53

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We are interested in booking sky diving for 2 people on Christmas Day.

Do you operate on Christmas Day?


Hi Ashwika. Unfortunately the skydiving in Cairns is not operating on Christmas day however it is operating every other day of the year. There are a few tours that do run on Christmas day in Cairns. If you type the word 'christmas' into the search window at the top left of our website you will see a list of all the tours that run on Christmas day. Or click on the link below:

Christmas day tours in Cairns

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 27th Nov 12 at 12:14

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Hi, is it possible picking me up 3 pm instead of 2 pm?
I really want to do skydiving, but i have only from 3pm schedule.

Thank you for ur time.


Oops, i got the answer for this question. Thank you. When are we back from skydiving if we do it the fastest in the morning? We want to go to Kuranda after skydiving. U think, is it possible taking skyrail for going and train for coming back? Thank you.

Comment by: Choi on 30th Oct 12 at 11:24

Hi Terry, yes you could do the earliest skydive and then do the Skyrail and Kuranda Railway combo afterwards. You would just need to be on the first Skydive trip and also the later Skyrail departure. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 30th Oct 12 at 19:34

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Do you provide solo dvd & digital photo ? how much is it?


Sorry, I have seen the detail at the bottom of the slide

Comment by: jack on 24th Oct 12 at 04:02

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Hi do you get a free t-shirt with a 14000ft skydive or is it only included with the gold package? I'm collecting them for all the adrenaline activities.



Hi Ray, The tshirt is not included in the 14,000ft jump with Skydive Cairns, however you can buy this for around $30 on the day of your skydive.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Kris Barrs) on 15th Sep 12 at 16:15

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Hi are we allowed to bring our own camera and take photographs during the skydiving process?
Hope to hear from you soon thanks!


Hi Xinyi, unfortunately Skydive Cairns do not permit personal cameras during the Skydive. You can however opt on the day for them to document your skydiving experience for you and they will have a photographer jump with you to take photos of your experience. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 23rd Aug 12 at 12:34

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how much is it for a DVD?


Hi Mary-Theresa, the cost of the handy cam digital DVD (filmed by your tandem master) is $130.00 or the cost of a Solo DVD (filmed by a professional camera man) is $174.00.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 4th Jul 12 at 13:30

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Hey there. Im looking at going skydiving for me and my girlfriend. Just seeingwhat we need and is there n e paper work to do.
Thanks for ur time.


Hi Danny, no there is no prior paper work required to book your skydive with Skydive Cairns. All is done on the day. Once you arrive at the Skydive shop you will register and be instructed on all you need to know to make the jump including the fitting on your harness, the jumping out of the plane and landing.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 25th May 12 at 10:09

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Hi what are the age requirements??


Hi Angie. The minimum age for Skydive Cairns is 14 years old.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 22nd Mar 12 at 10:51

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