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Cairns Helmet Diving

Helmet Diving

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  • Displaying 4 results

How deep do you go on the Great barrier reef helmet dives from Cairns?
Helmet dives don’t go particularly deep and are usually from a platform. For example with Reef Magic, helmet dives are from a pontoon under marine world, 2.5m-3m underwater.

Do I need to be able to swim to do a helmet dive in Cairns?
You don’t actually need to be able to swim to do a helmet dive, so if you’re not confident in the water a helmet dive means you don’t have to miss out.  Some people call it sea walking, going along a platform with railings.

Is helmet diving an additional cost to the Great barrier reef tour?
Yes helmet diving in Cairns is at an additional charge to your regular cruise and snorkel package. Prices vary so please contact us with the great barrier reef tour you’re interested in and we can confirm the price.

Can I wear glasses in the helmet?
You are able to wear glasses for your helmet dive as your face and hair remain completely dry.

How much time do you spend underwater on a helmet dive on the Great Barrier Reef?
A Great barrier reef helmet dives last about 25 minutes.


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