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Night Shark Diving Tours from Cairns

Night Shark Diving

COMPARE Night Shark Diving Tours from Cairns.

Liveaboard Dive Boat - Divers Den

Liveaboard Dive Boat - Divers Den

Price from$595


Shark Dive?Yes

Dive Sites?3

Fluoro Diving?Yes

Reef Boat Overnight - Reef Encounter

Reef Boat Overnight - Reef Encounter

Price from$485


Shark Dive?Optional

Dive Sites?3

Fluoro Diving?No

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  • Displaying 4 results

Can I do a night shark dive from Cairns as a beginner/intro diver?
Only with some operators as most only offer this to certified divers. You can do a night dive as an intro diver with Reef Encounter if you have completed one other intro dive during the day. With Deep Sea Divers Den you may not participate in the night dive as an intro diver but they do have a platform on the back of the boat which is lowered to the water level for you to lay down on with your head in the water whilst they do a ‘fish feed’ which attracts many sealife, including sharks.

Which boat is best for certified divers wanting a night shark dive?
Cod Hole & Coral Sea 4 or 7 night trips do a night shark dive with feed, however this trip is only for more advanced divers (min 20 dives). Pro dive do a night dive on board with no feed and only for open water certified or advanced open water certified divers.

Will I definitely see sharks on a Great Barrier Reef night dive from Cairns?
Generally yes. You have the most chance to see them on the boats which do the feed (Cod Hole & Coral Sea and Deep Sea Divers Den) With the others they pretty much always see sharks but they are wild animals so it is not guaranteed.

Where do these night shark dive boats depart from in Cairns?
Most of the tours depart from the Cairns Reef Fleet terminal.

Are there any shark cage diving options in Cairns?
Unfortunately there are no shark cage diving options in Cairns as there are no Great White Sharks that frequent the area. You can only scuba diving in the ocean freely with the local reef sharks.

What species of sharks might I see on a Cairns night shark dive?
There are generally the smaller species of sharks around which pose no serious threat to divers or snorkellers. Most commonly the white-tip and black-tip reef sharks. The big (scary) great white sharks prefers cold water and is generally found in the Southern Ocean many thousands of kilometres south of Cairns.


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