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Cairns White Water Rafting


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  • Displaying 16 results

Do you need to know how to swim to raft in Cairns?
You don’t actually need to know how to swim to raft the calmer Barron river, but please do be sure to let us know when you make your booking so the guides are aware and can watch out for you. With the Tully River, it’s much wilder so being a confident swimmer is a prerequisite and you must also speak a good level of English.

Can you go white water rafting in glasses?
Absolutely, you are able to wear glasses rafting in Cairns. You will just need to purchase waterproof straps that secure your glasses to your face under your helmet. The guides all use these and wear their sunglasses every day. We just wouldn't recommend contact lenses rafting as these are much easier to lose if you do end up in the water.

Do you get wet rafting in Cairns?
We would definitely recommend preparing to get wet, as these rapids are unpredictable so falling out and raft flips are a possibility. However some people finish the trip relatively dry so white water rafting in Cairns doesn’t always mean getting soaked and braving the water.

How many people fit in each raft for white water rafting?
It’s usually between 5 and 7 people per raft with a raft guide for these Cairns rafting trips.

What do I need to bring white water rafting with me?
For a rafting trip in Cairns, we would recommend bringing: your bathing suit/swimmers; a towel; a change of dry clothes; sunscreen, lace up shoes or reef sandals to wear in the raft and money for souvenirs and drinks.


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