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Is insurance included in these packages?


Hi Georgia,

There is a $35 APF compulsory levy (Australian Parachute Federation) payable on the day. If you require personal insurance cover you would need to arrange a personal policy through an insurance company.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 1st Jan 13 at 08:20

Hi, My son is visiting Aus next week and wants to do a Parachute jump, unfortunately he has epilepsy. Is it possible he could do a jump and will the insurance cover him.

Comment by: Anthony Tanner on 27th Sep 18 at 21:44

Heya, People have jumped with epilepsy before but he must have a doctors note with him saying that he is approved to skydive. As they cannot make the decision for you it needs to be made by a doctor/ your son.

Comment by: Alicia - Everything Cairns on 28th Sep 18 at 15:35

Posted by: Alicia - Everything Cairns on 28th Sep 18 at 15:35 - 3 comments

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