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Skydiving - Mission Beach

15,000ft Skydive at Mission Beach

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    Ok, welcome to a truly unique product. You may be able to skydive all over the world, but you can’t land on a beach. This was an amazing sensation, looking out over picture perfect beaches, the Great Barrier Reef and the Rainforest! Almost too picturesque to be real. Then the highlight swooping down and landing on Mission Beach itself – AMAZING. This was a very cool experience and made me feel like we were part of some special ops mission with the green berets!!. This is just a great all round skydive experience, truly unique.

    Suggestions:  Just do it! Nothing else to say!!

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    Reviewed 28 Mar 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Nigel)

    Latest Questions about Skydiving - Mission Beach

    Toby was going to taken me skydiving (known Toby for ever & his Mum and Dad, and I am God-mother to T.). It was booked 19th Dec. Wondering if I can still do something possibly 17th? I would like to keep faith with him and you guys, but known to be complete wimp! Kind regards
    Karen Swain

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    I just wanted to know how much a skydive (14,000ft) cost? Unfortunately I cannot find it.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards


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    Accomodation can you recommend aplace to stay
    Is ther a upper age limit for sky dive


    Hi Derek. There is no upper age limit for skydiving at Mission Beach or anywhere in Australia that I am aware of! If you're ready and able then go for it!! Given skydiving is weather dependent we do recommend booking for one of your first days in town so that if the weather is no good for skydiving then you can reschedule to another day or receive a full refund.

    There is quite a lot of accommodation in Mission Beach which varies greatly depending on your budget. If you click on the accommodation link on our site and type in Mission Beach and the dates you are after you'll see what's available on Booking.com at the best rates.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 18th Mar 15 at 20:16

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    If already staying in Mission Beach, would the costs be less since not traveling from Cairns?


    Hi Mike, the transfer from Cairns is complimentary so the price of the skydive is the same whether you are departing from Cairns or Mission Beach.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 5th Mar 15 at 08:17

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    the price 299$ includes $35 so that I don't have to pay anything else except the DVD handcam , do I ?


    Hi Viet Anh Ngo, the price displayed for Jump the Beach Mission Beach includes the $35 levy as by law we have to display this price however you will notice when you go through the booking process and get to the check out page that you only pay $264. This is because the $35 levy can only be collected on the day but it still has to be shown to you that you have that cost to pay. So, when you book online you will be charged $264 and then on the day you will be required to pay your $35 levy plus the cost of any photo's or Dvd's if you want them.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 12th Mar 14 at 12:01

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    I would like to buy a gift voucher for my son to use at a time of his choosing. I live in the UK but he is in Brisbane and hopes to visit Cairns in the next few months. Can I do this from the UK and how is it sent to him? Also can I pay with my credit card online?


    Hi Patricia. Yes, you can certainly book a skydive gift voucher for you son to use at Mission Beach or the skydive in Cairns. If you click on Book Now and then select "I want this to be an open dated gift voucher" you can write a message to your son. Then proceed to the Check Out page and pay and we will email the gift voucher straight to you and you can then email it to your son.
    As soon as you book and pay online with your credit card you will instantly be emailed a gift voucher.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 4th Jun 13 at 14:47

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