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Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise


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hi i was wondering if you need to be certified to do scuba diving


If you are not certified you do have the option to do the intro dive for the Passions of paradise trip. 

Introductory Diving is enjoyable, safe and absolutely essential for all visitors to the reef. Passions of Paradise has over 18 years of introductory scuba diving teaching experience and, with a perfect safety record, will ensure you’re safe at all times. An Australian International Dive Training institute (SSI) has lauded Passions of Paradise for being the best diving operators in Australia. All students will dive off the rear of the boat, entering a gorgeous lagoon filled with beautiful coral, teeming with marine life and blessed with tranquil, shallow water that’s perfect for beginning divers.  

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Posted by: Everything Travel Group (Elise ) on 18th Feb 20 at 16:01 - 1 comment

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