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Would this be suitable for someone on her 3rd trimester of pregnancy? How far is the walk?
We are thinking mid August.


Thank you so much for your enquiry. Yes, we can take pregnant people in their third trimester as long as she is comfy walking up to 600m at Josephine falls? That is our longest walk, the rest are quite short. The other thing to note is we are out of reception in some areas (in case of early labor) & the hospital can be up to 40mins away. So my suggestion would be as long as she isn’t 38wks or later in pregnancy. I recommend Barefoot tours as it caters to small groups and different age groups.

Comment by: Everything Cairns on 15th May 21 at 10:05

Posted by: Everything Cairns on 15th May 21 at 10:05 - 1 comment

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