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Reef Boat Day Trip - Tusa Dive


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    Approximately how many people does is this boat licensed for


    The Tusa Dive boat in Cairns holds a maximum of 60 passengers and 12 crew members.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 22nd Mar 16 at 20:01

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    I am inquiring about the Tusa Dive/Snorkel tour for September(for snorkel only)..
    I have a flight at 19:10pm to Sydney. With road conditions, airport layout, etc, do you think this would be practicle, or would I need to do a half day tour.


    Hi Michele, yes you will be absolutely fine for your flight at 7.10pm if you go to the airport after your day trip with Tusa Dive. The boat returns at 4pm and it's only 8km to the airport from the marina.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group on 9th Jul 12 at 13:33

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    What is the price for 1 adult snorkelling and one adult diving?
    Is it possible to have a baby( 1 year) on board??


    Hi Erin. Yes you are more than welcome to bring a baby or infant on board the Tusa dive boat in Cairns free of charge. There are no child minding facilities on board the dive boat though so you will need to make sure one of you is on board at all times to look after the baby. The cost for snorkelling is currently $175 and $225 for certified diving.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 10th Jun 12 at 13:07

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    Please email me a quote for the following:
    2 adults - one dive +
    1 child - snorkle trip +
    1 adult - snorkle trip

    Tuesday 17th April


    Hi Tracey, please find following the prices requested for the Tusa Dive Reef Boat Day Trip:

    • Adult: cruise + 1 dive $235 per person
    • Child: cruise + snorkel $95 (0-14yrs)
    • Adult: cruise + snorkel $165 ($175 as of 1st April)

    For more information and to book the cruise click on the link Tusa Dive Day Trip.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 18th Mar 12 at 22:03

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